Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The Northern Delta Groundwater Sustainability Agency (“NDGSA” or “Agency”) formed with the primary purpose of achieving compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (“SGMA”). The NDGSA is a Joint Powers Agency formed by 17 local agencies, each with water management responsibilities. The individual agencies were formed to manage water for flood, irrigation, and drainage within their local area, typically an area encompassing a single island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

In 2017, these entities formed individual GSAs and later opted to join together using a Joint Powers Agreement (“JPA”), to form a single larger entity due to their aligned interests, geographic proximity, and in order to realize the efficiencies of scale. Additionally, the NDGSA is working closely with several neighboring GSAs, often referred to as ‘Partner GSAs,’ that have not formally joined the NDGSA but desire to maintain a close, collaborative relationship between the independent agencies. The NDGSA is striving to maintain an open, transparent process that welcomes the input of all stakeholders and truly represents the interests of everyone in the Delta.

Each of the member GSAs have selected a representative to serve on the Board of Directors for the NDGSA. These Board Members each have the authority to fully participate in all meetings, bring matters before the Board, and vote on the issues facing the Agency. The members represent the population of the Delta and strive to protect the interests of the Delta communities.

Member Agencies & Board Members

  • Reclamation District 501 – Ryer Island – Represented by Tom Hester & Craig Nakahara

  • Reclamation District 349 – Sutter Island – Represented by Richard Elliot Sr. & Fred Wheeler

  • Reclamation District 1002 – Glannvale – Represented by Jeff McCormack & Chuck Harrison

  • Reclamation District 813 – Ehrheardt Club – Represented by Robert Abercrombie & John Wurster

  • Reclamation District 744 – Scribner District – Represented by Russell Van Loben Sels

  • Reclamation District 2110 – McCormack Williamson – Represented by Dewit Zeleke

  • Reclamation District 369 – Libby McNeil – Represented by Clarence Chu

  • Reclamation District 755 – Randall Island – Represented by Richard Elliot Sr. & Doug Hemly

  • Franklin Drainage District – Represented by Richard Elliot Sr.

* The Joint Powers Agreement signed by the member agencies allows those agencies to choose their representative(s) as they wish and they may choose one individual to represent multiple member agencies. The number of representatives does not affect the voting power of any member agency.