The Delta is a unique place, a massive estuary that sits alongside the major cities of Sacramento and Stockton, and the smaller communities of Clarksburg, Hood, Courtland, Walnut Grove, Isleton, Rio Vista and Antioch. This estuary was once a complex series of river channels, riparian and tidal wetlands, and native American villages. Hydraulic mining for gold in the Sierras, dams on every major river, development of the upper watersheds, and levees that ring the islands have changed the original landscape. It is now a predominantly agricultural area, one National Wildlife Refuge, three state parks, along with many small fishing and boating communities and gas/solar/wind production.

You can help protect the Delta's resources through support of local groups: Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of the River, Restore the Delta, North Delta CARES, and the Delta Protection Commission.